fredag 18. juli 2014

Take me to….


A little escape from reality is music in my ears!

And when I found images from the beautiful french city Bayonne I knew I´d go right there any time!
The colors,the shutters,the doors...isn´t it fabulous?

And probably would be even fabulous´er to share with my love!

Perhaps be a little romantic?How can you not - in such surroundings I wonder???

And even now,just looking at the pictures,I can smell the strange smells,feel the breeze,hear the sounds of a new town...

And doesn´t my mouth just water a little bit,thinking of Bayonne - the french chocolate capital.That says something right?

Chocolate just has to be extra good in Bayonne!

If I´d ever finnish eating chocolate I would definitely be taking pictures of doors.Just love them,especially when they are old and with that famous patina!Oh la la...

Shopping is a must!

Those french little cars are the cutest,but doesn´t room much...


 And say...if I were lucky enough to find a market - well,we know what would happen!I would  need a huge car!Huge huge!!!

A few things I would´t mind bringing back,in addition to a heart and mind filled with love and memories!

Bayonne lies 10 min from Biarritz and the ocean,30 min from Spain and 40 min from the foothills of the Pyrenees!Bayonne is a fortified town of 46000 inhabitants and is crossed by both the Nive and Adour rivers which converge in the front of the town hall!Located to the north of the Basque coast which stretches 35 km along the Atlantic ocean,Bayonne rubs shoulders with famous resort towns like Biarritz,Anglet,St Jean de Luz and Hendaye as well as the picturesque inland-Basque villages of Aïnhoa,Sare,Espelette and St Jean Pied de Port…and the unspoiled beauty of the nearby Côte landaise.
The Basque Country also extends into neighbouring Spain where you can visit San Sebastian and its Old Quarter,Hondarribia for its first-class tapas,Bayonne´s twin town Pamplona or Bilbao and its famous Guggenheim Museum!
Bayonne was awarded the French distinction "Town of Art & History" in 2012.From the Gothic cathedral,UNESCO WOrld Heritage Site to the Basque Museum,Bayonne boasts an exceptional cultural heritage which includes the cloister,the remparts,Gothic vaults,the Chateau-Vieaux and the old town restoration project.It is world famous for it´s ham in addition for it´s chocolate!

And to top it all,a ride with a Vespa.Me on the back,my love driving!Let´s find the best restaurant in the town and get a dinner we never forget!The thought of it makes me hungry,and this dream keeps on getting better I am telling you ;)
But for now,it´s only a dream.One of many.Europe has so many beautiful destinations,and some of them you can see on the blog Castles Crowns and Cottages who has a wonderful link party now!
So this time I am writing in English for once since I am joining the party of wonderful dreams and magic moments.
Thanks for Anita for letting me join (and how fun that you even wanted to use one of my pictures in your own post,I am honored!)

(All images are via Pinterest)

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  1. OH TOVE!!!!!!! I am coming back tomorrow morning because I am heading off to bed - I have been "partying" for about 12 hours! I just saw your comment and thank you so much for your sweet enthusiasm about my post. I am so honored that you prepared such a colorful and fabulous post but I am coming back to read and soak in all your beauty tomorrow, first thing - I promised!

    Thank you so much. Now visit the others when you can so they can see all the beauty here! You are so wonderful. See you in the morning! Anita

  2. Så fint å få seg en tur til Frankrike på morgenkvisten. Hadde lommeboka vært litt mer velfylt hadde jeg dratt med det samme jeg også. For en by!!! Det er så herlig med alle fargene som finnes på husene nedover i Europa. Herlig innlegg Tove, blir med på ny reise med deg når som helst.
    Klem fra Marit

  3. For et utrolig koselig innlegg=) Jeg drømte meg bort jeg også… og fikk bensin på reiselysten igjen! Og den er jo ikke så liten fra før. God helg til deg=) Vibeke

  4. Another wonderful place in France,seems to be a big hit with everyone,but I do love this,xx Rachel and Speedy

  5. très jolie destination, ce que je remarque dans cette magnifique ronde des destinations c'est que la France est souvent à l'honneur et je suis vraiment ravie de cela...So wonderful post thanks for sharing
    bisous français

  6. Bonjour Tove,

    So lovely to discover your blog and to come and visit you - many thanks for visiting me too.
    Bayonne in France looks like a fabulous place to visit and how much fun it would be to ride around on a red Vespa.
    Hope you are enjoying the weekend
    It has been fun

  7. Thank You for stopping by for a visit with Me.Oh Yes! I agree.It would be an enchanting destination.So nice meeting You through Your blog.Enjoy the rest of Our week traveling the world.

  8. Lovely destination. France is charming. I have been there, but not Bayonne. The beauty is breath taking. How I would love to be transported back. Enjoy the weekend. Coming over from Anita's CCC.

  9. Bonjour Tove,

    Bayonne in France looks like a destination you would not want to miss while in France... Beautiful photos! Thank you for taking me along.
    Have a great weekend

  10. BEAUTIFUL...............LOve the old shutters and the old doors too!
    Anita sent me............I'm number 26 on HER LIST!

  11. Beautiful doos and windows . . . *sigh* . . .

    I'm in love with these photos. I'm like you, and adore antique chippy doors. The more chippy the better. Your tour was lovely and incredibly informational. They're famous for their chocolate! This sounds like the perfect destination for me. Thank for sharing this wonderful place with us.

    ; )

  12. Bonjour Tove,
    Thank you for sharing the beautiful colors of Bayonne! It is so inviting… and romantic! It would be such fun to visit this special part of France one day! ♡Dawn

  13. Wonderful!! Looks so beautiful. And the chocolate capitol, I'm in love with that idea.

  14. I love your pictures wow all those nice colourfull windows and doors...
    Mmm I want to taste te coffee and bread and cheese and buy a big bunch of flowers..
    Thank you for the nice trip...
    groetjes van Marijke

  15. Hello Tove,
    This location looks like it has it all, chocolate, great baked goods and fabulous restaurants, not to mention charm and beauty. Sign me up.

  16. Hello Tove. I am new to your blog but love what I have seen so far. This is the best thing about link parties like this: the great blogs one finds! Bayonne. This is going down on my list of places to go when I visit Saint-Emilion (what I wrote my post about). Love everything about it and these images just transported me there!

  17. What a lovely area of France, Tove thank you for sharing all of these wonderful images! I love the doorways and windows that are all so charming!

    The Arts by Karena
    Europe: Simply Irresistible!

  18. What a beautiful post Tove! I think I decided early on while reading this that I need to get to Bayonne and have coffee at a boulangerie and eat a bit of chocolate and then admiring the doors, shop a bit more...thank you for transporting me to this wonderful place! I am also part of Anita's party, hope you will stop by.
    xo Mary Jo

  19. Hello Toves!
    Hopping on a red Vespa and touring with you at your dream destination has!
    We have several Basque communities in eastern Washington, eastern Oregon, and Idaho in America!I so enjoy their culture and sense of community.
    A trip to Bayonne would be a dream come true!
    Thank you for sharing!
    Your place looks like fun!
    I shall be visiting in the future!

  20. I love this, Tove, and I was completely lost in the stunning journey. What a wonderful gift Anita has given us to meet so many lovely, creative bloggers! I love doors too! They really define a place and give it character, don't they? Just swept away with your collection of beautiful photographs - thank you so much!

  21. Oh wow...what beautiful photos! I felt like I just escaped to France for a few minutes! Thanks for sharing!

  22. Hello Tove,
    This was a wonderful beautifully visual tour! These are all things that I would like to see if I were vacationing in France and I love the area that you have selected! :-D
    The images are so lovely and pretty! Thank you for a wonderful tour!
    Many Blessings, Linnie


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