tirsdag 25. september 2012

Join me.....

...inspired by my dear blog-friend Ria from It's me:
I am having a little give-away.
So did she.She gave away an issue of the wonderful Romantic Prairie Style magazine by Fifi O'Neill,and as a surprise even the book Amazing Retreats under nordic sky by Jeanne D'Arc Living..and I was the lucky winner of the book actually,can you believe it?Thank you so much once more Ria!
Ria and I have been exchanging interior magazines for a little while,and I am so grateful for the wonderful magazines she sends me - they give me so much inspiration and joy.
So when I found out a couple of days ago that I was the winner my brain started working on a thought.....
what if I pay it forward in a way?What if even more bloggers with interior-magazine-love could do the same thing?
What if everyone found their favourite interior magazine from their own country and hosted a give-away?How much fun couldn't that be?We could even make it possible to add links?Well I am launching the idea,don't know how you feel about it,but I am definetely paying it forward and will send this lovely Norwegian Magazine to one of my foreign readers!!!!Just add a comment,and you can be the lucky winner:)
If you like the idea spread the word or let me know what you think...
good luck,I hope many of my foreign readers will participate!
(Ps.All my followers from abroad are automatically joining the give-away!)

3 kommentarer:

  1. Hej Tove

    Det er en rigtig god tænke du har delt med os, jeg tro det vil give en rigtig god oplivelse her og everyvere ! :)
    Det bliver spænende !!
    Kram og Alvin Ailey var en stor oplivelse det kan du tro !! :)
    Kram igen Diana

  2. Hello daling my frist comment with my new i pad !!! So excitng !!! Love love from me Ria xxx


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