torsdag 13. januar 2011

Oh happiness!!!

  I know a very special lady........
 actually,she´s more like an angel!!!!!
Look what I received in the mail today...two wonderful interior magazines my dear friend Ria bought for me in Holland!Isn´t she a sweetheart???? Thanks you so very,very much Ria.....I just got back from work and now I am going to sit down and enjoy your magazines - I can promise you I´ll have a good time!!!!! 
And I hope your magazine is coming to you soon,it is on it´s way:)))

As my other visitors probably understand we have sent eachother magazines - 
it is so nice to get hand on some other magazines that are impossible to buy in our own countries.If anyone else of you "out there" wishes to trade let´s do it...I am very interested in magazines like Habitania,Casa Bella Chic...other italian and dutch/belgian magazines and I am more than open to suggestions:)

How wonderful isn´t blogglandia???

3 kommentarer:

  1. Look at that !! they are arrived !!! great !!.....enjoy them darling.......and can you do always your post in English ???? hahahhah!!!!! love

  2. Så herlig da, tror det blir ett interiør magasin eller to til helga.
    Kos deg masse...klem fra meg

  3. Naw, så fint. Men där är ju "min" provdocka som jag letat efter...
    Vill ha en sån!
    kram ullamaria


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